Tuesday, April 24, 2012

11 Weeks Old

First Actual Smile on Camera

11th week of Life

11 weeks down a Lifetime to go.....

Loves- Stretching out in the floor or the changing table. Being outside

Eating- you have been eating every 2 hours about 4 ounces. We have stepped it up to 5 ounces and your are sleeping longer and waiting longer for the next bottle. We are trying to regulate your feedings to every 3 hours.

Sleeping- Your sleeping habits have been awesome! You usually got to bed around 8 and sleep til about 5 am.

Fun Facts- Juju and Melynn came in for the weekend. We went shopping and hung out at the house!

Mommy Moments- 5k Race for Relay for Life. You were such a trooper in the cold weather!

Kelley Complex for
Braylon & Easton T Ball Game
5k Race

hanging with Daddy

Hanging out with Melynn

I love this face

Snoozin baby girl

Photo bomb with Grandaddy!

It has come to my attention recently that Grandaddy/Gandy/Ninja reads Emory's Blog!
So shout out to Grandaddy!

Hanging with JE night before Emory arrived

Meeting Emory, First Grandchild

Proud Grandaddy

Snuggling at 1 day old

They truly love each other!

Ready for Church!

We love You
Grandaddy, Gandy, Ninja

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

10 Weeks old

10th week of Life
10 weeks down a Lifetime to go......

Loves- To be outside looking around, stretching out on my changing table & to be talked to.

Eating- still eating 4 ounces sometimes an extra 2 ounces. You have reverted back to every 2 hr feedings during the day. I think we are hitting another growth spurt!

Sleeping- You go to bed between 8-10 and sleep til about 2-4 am, bottle and sleep til about 6-8

Fun Facts-Your starting to smile a lot more and be very vocal. In a good way!

Mommy Moments-We are going to do a 5K this saturday.

Firsts- Stayed with Daddy during the day! Rode the Ranger, Went Fishing, rode in daddy's truck, you can sit in you bebe pod (bumbo seat)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

9 Weeks Old

9th week of Life
9 weeks down a Lifetime to go.....

Loves- Being outside in the fresh air and walking around town with mommy

Eating- Still eating around 4 ounces still every 2-3 hours. Sometimes and extra 2 ounces to make her full sometimes.

Sleeping- You slept 2 times thru the night not getting up til around 4 or 5 am! Mommy couldn't sleep because she was worried about you sleeping.

Fun Facts-We went for your 2 Month check up. You are weighing in at 10lbs 13 oz and 23 inches long! Your a growing girl! You also got 3 shots and one oral vaccination.

Mommy Moments- Your the next generation to have Easter Egg hunts at Nanna's from Bama! Mommy is kinda nostalgic. It was one of my favorite childhood memories! I cant wait for you to hunt eggs next year!

Firsts- Went to 2 Easter Egg hunts, The bowling alley, Met Aunt Tonia, Cousin Shelby & Great Uncle Jimmy, Met Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Borcherding,
First set of Vaccinations 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Emmy's First Easter

Emory's First Easter was spent in Nashville, TN. We started on Friday with a little morning snuggle time with Mommy( Aunt D), Emory & Cousin Melynn. A little shopping thrown in. Saturday we got up super early and headed to Nanna's in Bama to have Easter Lunch and an Easter Egg hunt. That afternoon we went to JR Mannings 6th Birthday Party! Sunday Morning we got up super early to see what the Easter bunny had brought Melynn & Emory! The Girls racked up! We then got ready and headed to Mimi and Poppa's church for Easter Service then lunch and an Easter Egg hunt! That afternoon we headed back to 
West Tn to have Easter with The Rich's!

 Snuggle Time

 So Sweet

 Family Easter at Nanna's

Hunting for eggs

found one

The Easter Bunny hopped on by

He even wrote a little note!
( Happy Easter love The Easter Bunny)

Emory and her stash


Melynn & Emory at Mimi's

 Family Picture

My Favorite Girls


Emmy & Daddy

Me & Grandaddy

All of Emory's Easter Goodies
Dress, Sleeper set, Strawberry dress, Ugly doll, lamb, 2 stuffed bunnies, 
socks, razz teether, soft food teether, , teether necklace, 
weeble wobbles, wrist rattles, bunny ears,
4 books, 2 bath toy ducks, bear teether, 
dumbo dvd & lady and the tramp dvd

Happy 2 Months Baby Girl

Photo Bomb Month 2

Our Little Easter Bunny

Great Grandaddy Edwards

GIGI Edwards


Easter Dress

Great Grandma Ruah & Great Grandpa Curt

2 Months old

Emory is 2 Months Old!

You sleep most of the day away- especially if you are running errands with Mama T. At night you go to bed around 7-8 pm wake up around 2-3 for a bottle go back to sleep til 6-7 another bottle and back to sleep til 8-9 am

You eat 4 ounces about every 2-3 hours during the day and at night 1 bottle around 2 am
We measured you ourselves since we dont go to the Dr til April 11
your at 23 inches

Diaper Size
Started the month off at Newborns
and due to several blow outs we have moved up to
Size one

Clothes Size
We are growing out of  some newborns and in 0-3 months
and some brands are 0-6 months

Hair Color
Still a dark brown

Eye Color
have turned to a light brown/hazel

Favorite Toy-
Wubanub(paci) and still your bouncy seat
Starting to love your play mat

Firsts ( things)
Went to Church w Mommy & gandy to FUMC
Met Chris Todd & Mallory Miller
Spend the night away from home ( w/ Mommy at Juju's)
Meet Great Grandaddy & Gigi Edwards
Lunch with Girls from Brown & Caldwell ( mommys old work)
Met Cindy, Delores & Phylis from JuJu's work
Spent the Night at MiMi & Poppa Bo's
Met Poppa Bo
Met Deb & Daryl Hill ( Uncle Andy's Mom & husband)
Met Lee Oliver ( Andy's Uncle)
Met Nanna from Bama
Cousin Dava & Her friend Haven Bell
Great Aunt Carolyn ( Cissy)
Cousin Dava and her friend Haven
Sent Mommy a Plant on her first day back at work
Spent the day with Mama T while Mommy worked ( aka daycare)  :(
Birthday Party for Andrew Arnold
Visit to the Farm/cabin (Pendergrass' Farm)
Church at Bethel Missionary Baptist with Mama T & Daddy
Daddy sings Johnny Cash to you ! So funny
alk in the neighborhood
Met our Neighbors The Marrisons & The Winklers
1st Pageant
Miss West TN Woodman of the World Pageant
won 2nd Maid
Met New Cousin Ellie Kate
1st meeting the Easter Bunny
Easter Egg Hunt
Meet Great Uncle Jimmy
Met Aunt Tonia & Cousin Shelby
JR Mannings 6th Birthday Party
Met The Mannings, The Victory's
Met Great Grandma & Great Grandpa from Indiana
Church at Mimi & Poppas
Easter Lunch at Mimi & Poppa's
Easter Dinner at The Rich's

First Trips
Visit to Mrs Kathy Howell's House
To Nashville
Juju, Uncle Andy & Melynn's house
Great Grandaddy & Gigi's House
Mimi & Poppa's House 
Deb & Daryl Hill's house
Joann's, Old Time Pottery
Funeral home, Florist, Cemetary,
PDC,Gleason, Tn,Chili's,
Los Compradres
Nanna's house in Alabama
Bowling Alley

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

8 weeks old

8th week of life....
8 weeks down a lifetime to go

Loves- Riding in the car, walking outdoors and looking at the trees. Snuggling

Eating- You are still eating 4 ounzes er feeding and somtimes you need an extra 2 ounces if your really hungry. We call you Triple H for Hungry Hungry Hippo! Your so cute!

Sleeping-You are such a good baby ( knock on wood) you go to bed between 7-8 pm and sleep til 2-3 am to eat and back up a 6-7 for another bottle and sleep another hour or two.

Fun facts- You got 2nd Maid in the Miss Tennessee Springtime Pageant! You were so cute and slept the entire time. You met the Easter Bunny!

Mommy Moments- We did your first pageant together! ( Mommy had to hold you of course), Mommy had her first date night ( we celebrated Mommy & Daddy's 3 yr Anniversary and Mommy's Birthday!) We had dinner with Dusty Dean, Nikki & Chris McCaslin at Sakura.  Mama T babysat you! Mommy missed you so much she rushed back to bring you to our house!

Firsts-You met your new cousin Ellie Kate. She was born friday March 30. She is adorable! You did your first pageant, we went on our first walk around the neighborhood together, met the Easter Bunny