Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2013

It started out with J giving me a little spending money! Great Gift! I left the day before for the week at Jenny's and Gatlinburg ( work trip).

Anyways some R&R and shopping with Melynn, Jen & Emmy. Jen got me a
 Coach wristlet! I'm in L O V E!

Sunday we got up, Mom came into town and we
 Celebrated Mother's Day just the girls! 

We went to Waffle House ( Mom's choice), 
& a little Make up shopping.
Mom went back and we did a mini photo session.

Love this girl!

My World

Love this

Melynn getting upset b/c Emmy ate a flower

lookin but no smiles

Juju's girls

loves her JUJU!

 Playing in the Gator

Trip to Gatlinburg

Work Trip + Mini Vaca! 

                                             Enjoying the Ripley's Aquarium 

                                               Mimi, Mommy & a saw shark

                                 Checking out the Japanese crab, fishes & Nemo

                                             Loving the Penguins

                                        Her new Penguin Friend David

                                           Giving kisses, Up close w/ David, Viewing tube


                                                          More Penguins

 Tearing up a Chick Fil La Fry, Yummy Blueberries at Fruddruckers, Swimming at the Hotel pool


                                     Leaving Gatlinburg Enjoying Duncan Donuts!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

15 months

15 months down a Lifetime to go....

Sleeping- still the same- not sleeping through the night, 
wakes up, small bottle back asleep

Feeding- You are starting to get a little better. You will eat anything its 
just trying to get you to eat more than 2 tablespoons per sitting. 

Sassy thing 

Weight- around 22 pounds

Length- around 30 inches

Diaper- size 3

clothes- 12 months and 18 months

Hair/ Eye- Brown

Toys- Ranger, balloons, rocks, 

1st visit to the safari park in Alamo,TN. Fed the Giraffe, petted a zebra


Other news-
You went to Cooper's Birthday, several family dinners, loves playing in the yard,
can sing some of your ABC's ( a-e) ,
 1st walk of the year outside. Loving your new jogging stroller, Went to Cousins Lindsey's baby shower for Andrew, Mini visit to the MS family Farm, First knee scrapes

Can say JuJu, Mama T, Grandaddy, John Everett,
 I get it, out, go, ouch, dog, ball, perfect, bye, hi, milk, JE,

First visit to the safari park. went to the park and played
with Dayton, Moved up to the 1 yr old room at wee care, new friend RC Morrissett,
met new cousins Jase & Liam