Wednesday, March 28, 2012

7 weeks old

7th Week of Life

7 weeks down a Lifetime to go ........

Loves- going outside and enjoying the weather with all the sights and sounds. Riding in the car, Snuggling is still a big favorite, Holding onto whoever is holding you's collar, Bouncy seat & being sang to.

Eating- You are eating 4 ounces of formula still with every once in a while an extra 2 ounces. You eat about every 3 hours during the day and once at night! You are growing!

Sleeping- Your sleep schedule has been AMAZING! We put you down about 7 pm and you sleep til about 12-2 am to eat. ( Granted you make wake up  in between here and make a noise, but put a paci back in your mouth ad your out again ) from then you sleep til about 5-6 am for a bottle then back out for another couple of hours.

Fun Facts- You love when Daddy sings you Johnny Cash. You also like when daddy makes you Wiggle wiggle wiggle to help your burp!

Mommy Moments- Everyday after work we have been napping together. Monday Mornng leaving for work you were awake and giggling at mommy while I was smothering you in kisses!

Firsts- Went to a 1st Birthday Party for Andrew Arnold, Went to the Cabin/Farm and met Daddy & Mommy's friends. Moved up to size 1 diapers. Went to Mama T's church.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Best Baby Swag

I saw this as a pin on Pinterest so I thought I would give my input on the best baby swag.


As a Baby Lover, I LOVE to shop for baby gifts. I am a stickler for buying essentials with a little fun added in. For ex- a bath time theme, tub, towels, wash clothes, soaps, lotions.
Meal time ex.- spoons, bottles, bowls, snack cups, bibs.

 One of my favorite gifts I received for Emory was a basket full of 1st time Mommy Essentials. Syringes for medicine, gas drops, tylenol, thermometer, teething gel, gripe water, wipes, diapers, grooming kit, desitin, nasal aspirator ( battery operated )! The gift giver was a new mother also. She really new what I needed for emergencies!

Being a mother for over a month. Ha ha- I am no expert by new means but these items have saved me!

Bright Starts - Sunnyside Safari, Bouncer
Bouncy/Vibrating Seat

Dr. Brown's - Polypropylene Newborn Feeding Set
Dr Browns Bottles


Learning Curve Soothie Newborn Pacifier -- 1 Pacifier
Soothie paci

The First Years - Fold & Go Diapering Kit, Green

Diaper travel kit
( ours is similar to this one)

Pampers swaddlers

The Miracle Blanket Swaddler formerly known as the Amazing Miracle ...


Boppy Pillow

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

6 weeks old

6th week of Life.....

6 weeks down a Lifetime to go

Loves- Still her bouncy seat, hanging outside, looking all around

Eating- I have a hungry hungry hippoo! She usually eats about 4 ounces per feeding and sometimes another 2 ounces lately! She's a growing girl!

Sleeping- Sleeping has been awesome this week! Since we have returned from our trip. She only wakes up once a night! Your Daddy has been caring for you at night since Mommy had to start back work

Fun Facts- Smiling more and more everyday! You stayed the whole day with your Mama T & Daddy while Mommy went to work.

Mommy Moments- Mommy had to go back to work! :( But I checked on you every couple hours and went to see you at lunch. We just snuggled and rocked together. You also sent mommy a plant to work!

Firsts- Sadly enough you had your first visit to the funeral home and florist and your first funeral. Your Great Grandmother Dorothy passed away. You were unable to meet her yet. We were waiting on your shots since she was in the Nursing home. Wished you could have met her, she was a spitfire!

* This is also my 100th post!!! I'm pretty excited!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

5 weeks old

Fifth week of life.....

5 weeks down and a Lifetime to go

Loves: Mommy's arms, your bouncy seat, boppy pillow & your swing. Snuggling with Daddy & Gandy! 

Eating: We started you on formula this week, we were supplementing but now it has turned into full formula bottles. I am unable to produce anymore breast milk. I am very sad by this but its what is best for My Emmy Girl. With your growth spurt you are eating all the time! You have turned into a little piglet. At the start of last week we were giving you 2 ounces, then 3 and now 4 ounces! Your a hungry baby! You have started eating about every 3-4 hours and sometimes during the day every two. 

Sleeping: Your sleep this week has been off a bit since we were not at home! But not to bad. After a couple nights you got into your old rhythm. You loved snuggling with me and JUJU early in the mornings!  

Fun Facts: We went to Nashville and hung out with Juju, Uncle Andy & Melynn for the week. 

Mommy Moments: Traveling with you for the first time! Snuggling during the day for naps.

Firsts: You went to Church. You went to Nashville for the 1st time. You had your first 2 sleepovers, at Juju's and Mimi & Poppa's. Met 2 sets of great grandparents, great aunt, and your poppa. You also celebrated your first St Patrick's Day

1 Month with Emmy

1st Bottle

Sleep- Your sleeping schedule has drastically changed since the first couple of days. You were waking up at about every 2-3 hours and has gradually expanded and after about 2 weeks we started getting 4-5 hour stretches. You are still a great little napper during the day! You can pretty much sleep through any noise, and Lord knows it gets loud around here!

Feed- We breast fed you from the get go. You were eating around every 2-3 three hours. Sometimes every hour. You would eat for 15 minutes to 45 minutes. At 3 weeks we introduced you to the bottle. You adapted like a champ. After that I pumped and breast fed you. You were slowing gaining back weight!

Length- when you were born you were 20.5 inches long and at your 1st well visit you were 20 inches. Your One month well visit you were 21 inches! YOU GREW!

Diaper size- You are in Newborn diapers!

Clothes size- You wore a few preemie sleepers and mostly newborns but they were still to big and still kinda are. We are slowly getting into 0-3 months. 

Hair Color- from birth it has been a dark brown/black
Its starting to lighten a bit.

Eye Color-
at birth- Blue
4 weeks a hazel/brown
I was so hoping for them to stay blue like mine but they have turned to your daddy's color.

Your favorite toy- Definitively your bouncy seat! 

car ride
dr visit
1st Smile
1st foot prick-
( besides after being born)
1st and only bili blanket
1st hospital visit (test)
1st Hospital visit to meet Baby Harlon
Daddy kept me by myself
Dinner/ House party
1st Valentines Day
1st Bottle
1st Bath
1st Picnic

Trip to:
Gandy's office, Mrs Jennifer's Retirement Party, Mommy's office, Mama T's
Cousin Ashley's baby Shower, Mommy's Dr,
Target, Ross, Kohls, B,B & Beyond, EW James, Walmart
Mallards, Uncle TO's House

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

4 weeks old

Fourth week of life.....

4 weeks down and a Lifetime to go.

We went to the Dr. today for your 1 month check up! You weighed in at 7 lbs and 15 ozs! Almost 8 pounds and are 21 iches long. 

Loves: Us of course! Snuggling is still a favorite past time! Eating is still your 1st agenda!

Eating: You eat like a champ! You have started eating every two hours instead of every 3-4! You are having a growth spurt! We started adding a little bit of formula to your bottles so I would have enough to feed you when I went back to work.

Sleeping:  You love to SLEEP! You have been sleeping less during the day but getting in 4-5 hour stretches every night.

Fun Facts:  Growing like a weed! Your cousin Melynn fed you a bottle this weekend! She seemed to really like you this time! Which is good since you will be around each other a lot!  

Mommy Moments:  Love having my little princess! We spend a lot of time together which is wonderful. We talk and read books and I tell you stories!

Firsts: You tried formula for the first time. So far so good! I am continuing to breastfeed but I need a little help to keep you full. You went on your first shopping trip with JUJU, Melynn and Mommy! It was eventful and tiring!!!!!!