Monday, September 30, 2013

19 Months

19 months down.... A lifetime to go

* Sad news this Month. We lost your Poppa Bo ( my stepdad ) from complications
 of liver disease & a blood infection
We also lost Cousin Ross Hillard from a Motorcycle accident

Sleeping- Still the same up once a night

Feeding- Always trying new foods. Loves fresh vegetables & cheese

Weight around 23 pounds still

Length 31 inches

Diaper- sz 3 during the day- sz 4 at night

Clothes 12m & 18m

Hair color-Brown

Eye color- Brown

Toys-Ranger, water table, golf cart, balls, remotes, crayons

Says- Get up daddy, light, Skyybo, please, push, 
go potty, brush teeth, boo boo, where is he?, more ice, grass

Can now point to a horse and cow and say their name.

1st things- used your princess potty #1 & #2! Watched 1st Bama game of the year
Had another Ear infection

1st places- Went to Lindsay & Clint Barnett's Wedding 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

18 Months

18 Months down ......A lifetime to go

18 Month photo

18 month 1/2 Birthday Cake! 


Sleeping-  Still the same. Waking up at least once a night! 

Feeding- Your eating habits are much better this month!
You love homegrown vegetables- straight out of the garden! You love tomatoes & corn!

Weight- 23 lbs & 10 oz

Length- you finally grew 31 inches!

Diaper- sz 3 during the day sz 4's at night

Clothes- 12m & 18m 


Hair color-Brown 

Eye color- Brown 

Toys- Loves balls, pool, lil tykes car,
 ranger, puzzles, & coloring in the tub

Cheering on the Mustangs!

Can say- Oreo, night night, ice, thank you, banana, Cow says MOOOOO!
Whats that?, huh, bug, Oh toodles, shoe

1st Things- Counted to 3, Met Cooper David Townsend,
Coloring book & 1st princess placemat, watched your first movies- Dumbo, Lady & the tramp, Met Great Aunt Ann, New Resturants- Pineapple willy's, Deadeye Dicks, Uncle Ernies, Whattaburger

1st Places-Went to Panama City for Vacation, Bray's 6th Birthday party, 

Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach

Just a few pictures from our trip