Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter/Spring Decor

I love recreating things I have prevously viewed in magazines!

Example One..
I saw this in a mag. its my Large Easter Tree. One of the neatest things is the tray the tree is sitting on is a cheese tray sans dome of J's Grandmothers, Mrs Betty. We moved into his granparents home after they passed and were handed down a bunch of Goodies!!! I like to take old things to work with to make them more modern!

The Mini Egg Tree. These two are side by side on the Computer Desk.

Another recreation! I saw this on a blog! Its decopodge eggs on grass under a cheese dome! Another one of Mrs. Bettys cool trays

My Table Scape (sp)
I got this lil treasure on a blog too! The grass squares are from Hobby Lobby! I got them 50% off! YAY then I monogrammed and Egg for each of us. J & D
Also the crocheted eggs in the bowl are from My grandmother. Jen & I loved these as kids and was so excited she passed them down to me.

My egg

J's egg

and finally.....
My Jute & Khaki Wreath
( It was suppose to be burlap, but silly me bought khaki!)

Anyways, I made the felt flowers and added a couple more last night.. I like it because I can change the flowers and wreath for any season! Next I think I will make Red White & Blue flowers for  Memorial Day, 4th of July, & Labor Day! Thats a very versatile wreath!! I just attach everything with straight pins so they can be changed whenever.....

I also helped my cousin Amelia make a Peace wreath!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Granted it is not Football Season, but this show is filling the void!!!

Friday Night Lights title card.png

Since FNL Season 5 is starting on NBC friday nights. I decided it was time to catch up on Season 3 & 4. So last night I signed up for a free trial of Netflix to watch those two seasons! I am pretty pumped! Since J is on evenings this is the perfect week to watch it & catch up.

Friday, April 8, 2011

2 Years of Wedded Bliss........

April 4, 2009
Dearly Beloved we are here today to celebrate the union of J & Devon.........

We Celebrated at Our Family Church

Enjoyed the day with my Girls!

The Men

Mr & Mrs. John Everett Williams II

 A few Kisses

 Cutting the Cakes

A lil dancin with my Husband!

One Year Anniversary
 Our Wedding Cake

Anniversary Dinner

We did not take a picture the night of Our Anniversary, slackers I know but this is from My Birthday the next day. Granted J had Walking Pneumonia & I had Laringytus!!! Winners!


It's Always Fresh in the Outback

We celebrated with Dinner at Outback and a Lil Shopping!!!

( Again this pic is from my birthday b/c we never end up taking a picture on our anniversary! )

Can't wait to see what next year holds......

Monday, April 4, 2011

Top 2 Tuesdays

Top 2 Songs on your Ipod

Brad Paisley featuring Alabama

Who does not Love Brad Paisley or Alabama!
 Put them together and you have an incredible amount of talent!!!!

Luke Bryan~ Welcome to the farm

Brandie's Baby Shower!

On March 19th, We had a Baby Shower for Brandie & Baby Evie. We had a Lolipop theme!!

The table set up!! Large suckers monogramed with Evie's name.
In the background are washcloth lolipops

The Table!! Notice my Awesome Cupcakes in a jar!!! We had all kinds of good food!!!
Meatballs, Ham, Cream cheese & Pickle jobbies, Baby Carriage Watermelon with fruit, Vegetables w/ dip, Crackers and Cream cheese dip & Delicious Punch

Mom to be Brandie!!

Gotta love on Baby Cate!!! 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Melynns Mickey & Minnie Mouse 2nd Birthday Extravaganza!!!!!!!!!

A lil behind but here is Melynn's Birthday Party Pics!!!!

Her Minnie Cake!

The Room Decor.

Her Birthday Banner I Made.

Checkin out her cake!

Enjoying her cake.

Mommy,Melynn & Aunt D.

It was a great party! Lots of friends and family came to Celebrate Melynn's 2 Birthday