Tuesday, March 26, 2013


2012 Easter Egg Hunt at Veterans Park

Emory & Best Bud Dayton

They would never both look at the camera at the same time

Elijah, Emory, & Dayton

Elijah is keeping a close Eye on the Chick fil la cow

Dayton unsure about the cow

Emory & the Cow

ready to hunt

Got a few eggs, she was unsure exactly what to do.

13 Months

13 months down and a Lifetime to go

Sleeping- schedule is still random. We try to keep you up but with no 2nd nap at 
school you are asleep by 6 pm usually. You wake up in the middle of the
 night still. Every once in a while we get a full night of sleep out of you.
Feeding- You still do not eat a lot of food but you get most of your intake from liquids. 
We had to switch you to Lactose free milk. You were having trouble keeping 
whole milk down. You will try anything but would rather eat off our plates.
Weight- around 21-22 pounds
Length- between 29-30 inches
Diaper- still size 3
Clothes- You are wearing 12-18 months just because we 
have so may adorable clothes for you to wear
Hair & Eye Color- are both Brown 
Toys- You love Ranger rides, riding in your wagon, 
walking thru the yard, bubbles, swinging in your new swing,
your new 4 wheeler, sand & water table
Firsts- Hair cut with Megan Nelson, Had your own cake &
 4 Birthday celebrations, You can run fast now, a chip, pretzel,
Melynn, Harlon, & Arlanna's Birthday parties,
Met Ivy Jewel Dillahunty,
Granddaddy kept you for a while
First Places- Sunday School class, Pump it up, Went to a 31 party,
rode the ranger to Aunt Cayce's house

Not so sure about your hair cut

Playing with Mommy's phone kept you calm

Kisses for Granddaddy on Valentines day

Valentines morning

All your Valentines day loot

1st Sunday School

New Corduroy dress 

Partied out after Melynn's Birthday

Trying out our new cupcake stool

Big Girl

Playing with the Light saber at Harlon's 1st Birthday

Fell asleep on the floor.....A First

sweet snoozes

Working on our utensil skills 

hugging her spork


Silly Girl

 Morning faces


Monday, March 25, 2013

Emorys 1st year & Hungry Caterpillar 1st Birthday Party

Emory's First Year

Leaving for the Hospital
February 6, 2012

Holding Sweet Emory
February 8, 2012

First family of 3 picture

Months 1-6

Months 7-12

These last 12 months have had its highs, lows, tears and laughter. We have watched this small baby girl grow into an Independent little sassy princess.

Putting our baby girl to sleep

Waking up a 1 year old.

Emory's 1st Birthday was the theme of Hungry Caterpillar after the Eric Carle book. 
I loved the colors and design of the book. I worked hard for months, days, hours on this party.
Every detail was made to exact visions in my Overly Pinterest warped mind! 

Caterpillars made for goody bags for the babies in attendance.
Older children got cars for the boys and nail polish for the girls.
They also got goldfish crackers.

Her monthly picture display

Treat bags on the gift table

Awesome Smash Cake

Her cake

Drink station
Aunt Nikki drank a ton of Starbucks for Emory!

Top of her cake

The food table
Fruity pebbles rice crispie treats, grape and strawberry skewer, veggie cups, 
meat and cheese tray with crackers

Leave a wish for Emory 

Veggie cups

up close of drink station

Our little family

Cousin Melynn

Juju & Melynn

Sassy Girl

Was not a fan of her smash cake

Blowing out the candle 

Juju & Cousin Dava

Uncle B & Auntie Cayce

Juju, Emory & Mommy

Daddy , Emory & Mommy

Emory & Grandaddy JE

Emory, Mama T & Poppa TD

Emory & Mimi

Emory & Nanna

Emory & Gdaddy