Friday, April 19, 2013

14 Months Pictures

Emory is 14 months!

Here is some of Emory's shenanigans and many faces this month

Waiting on daddy to get out of the bathroom

playing on your climber/slide

brushing your teeth

rocking your sunglasses for 2.5 seconds

enjoying the warm weather

window lounging

afternoon snuggles with grandaddy

the many funny ways she sleeps
across my stomach

ranger rides

cutie patootie

afternoon out with Grandaddy JE & Trudy

leisurely reading 

rocking our glasses

blurry but shes smiling

Silly faces on St Patty's Day

Strawberry Love

1st art work


14 months

14 months down a Lifetime to go

Sleeping- You are still in the same sleep pattern. You sleep til about 
11-2 then wake up get a little milk and back asleep til 7.
One day you will sleep through the night. 

Feeding-  You still eat like a bird but snack often. You have recently started liking
 lunch ables and the Gerber meals. you are not picky just do not eat a lot.
You are loving Strawberry yogurt cheerios! 

Weight- between 21-22 pounds

Length- maybe 30 inches

Diaper- size 3

Clothes 12 m & 18 Months just because we have soooooo many!

Hair/ Eye color- Brown

Toys- Balloons, balls, bubbles, wagon, the ranger, bracelets

1st- Easter egg hunt at the park, first time on the swings,
Celebrated Mommy's 30th Birthday, 1st time on playground at school

Other fun things- went to the park with Granddaddy, watched Granddaddy clean fish, stayed at Mama T's, Celebrated Uncle To's Birthday, Mommy's 30th Birthday, Carson's 3rd Birthday, 3 Easter egg hunts, Went to Mimi & Nanna's, Lunch date with Dayton, Robbie & Jennifer Miller