Sunday, November 2, 2014

Funny Emory Quotes

  • Daddy's got it hard ( He works shift work) 
  • Juju- " She left and went to Au bu Dhabi   - Emory - Mommy you went to ghabi ghabi?
  • I'm  not Smarty pants 
  • I'm fine
  • I'm big I have muscles 
  • Did you kiss Elijah? Yes, I did
  • Emory day Roll Tide -Roll Tide  Emory say Go Vols- No I not suppose to say that. 
  • Come on Minnie Mouse 
  •  Daddy made stinky s. No- He pooped his pants
  •  Daddy Give me some Monies
  •  Can I ride that water tank? 
  • Hey shut it 
  • Whatcha we gonna watch guys
  • I see a Morgan tank ( water tank)  
  •  I not drunk 
  • Preston cant come to my house, he has to duck his head