Saturday, December 8, 2012

10 Months

10 months down.... A Lifetime to go

Sleeping: You have been doing with your sleep routine lately! You slept through the
 whole night for 8 days straight, but have been waking up again the last 3.

Feeding:You love your Bottle. You have between 4-5 a day. 
Your drinking around 6-8 oz per bottle. Since last month you
 have been eating more table food! You love it!
You have tried: Turkey, sweet potato casserole, hash-brown casserole, biscuits, hash-browns  DQ mini burgers, tater tots,meatloaf, black eyed peas, cornbread, steak, macaroni & cheese, peach cobbler, pancakes, noodles, grilled cheese, cereal bar, dumplings, 
steam fresh pack with carrots, peas, green beans & corn.
At Daycare you have been trying all new foods with the bigger kids! You love it!

Weight: as of Nov 19, 20lbs 6 oz

Length:28 in

Diaper Size:3

Clothes Size:6,9 & 12
(12 because we soooooo many clothes!)

Hair Color: Brown with a hint of Auburn in the sun

Eye Color:Brown with green flecks

Toys:Leap Frog Table, Weebles, Anything Fisher Price Little People,
Chicco push ride along toy, balls

First Things:
Cutting More Teeth Have 8 in total 2 of those trying to come through. We Celebrated Juju's Birthday,
Went to see Gigi & Gdaddy, Cissy & Dava Came to Visit, Had 1st professional Pictures done, Went to Ashlae & John Sympsons Wedding,  Stayed with Mama T bc Mommy was sick, Celebrated your 1st Turkey Day, Went Black Friday Shopping, You had a a Visit from Elsie the Elf ( she'll be with us til Christmas Eve), Rode a Golf Cart, 1st Christmas Card, 1st SEC Championship to watch- Alabama vs Georgia! Alabama Won! Roll Tide Roll

First Places:
Went to your Great Great Grandparents Farm House in Potts Camp, MS,
 You met tons of your Cousins- The Edwards, Mills & Greens,
Nashville Flea Market, Opryland Hotel, Went to Camden for
 the 1st time to Grandaddys house up there,