Monday, June 10, 2013

16 months

16 months down... A lifetime to go

* This is a long one!

 Sleep- your sleeping habits are getting better, still go down at 730-8 sleep until about 11-12 wake up small drink of milk and out til 6 or 7 am

Feeding- You are getting much better at eating. You are eating more than usual! Which is great. You love blueberries. Crackers and your own special snack mix of veggie/fruit melts, strawberry cheerios, blueberry puffs, spinach & cheese crunchies & Cinnamon maple crunchies, cheese, lunchables

Weight- still holding at 20.5-21 lbs

Length 29.5 inches

Diaper Size- size three but I think at night we are going to try 4's

Clothes size- 12 month, 18 month and some 24 just so we can wear some of your stuff

Eye & Hair Color- Brown

Favorite toys- red wagon, climber/slide, mega blocks, swimming pool, jogging stroller,
lil tykes playhouse, lambie stuffed lamb, new baby carriage, Cozy Coupe, Water table, Jogging Stroller

Memorial day pics

Melynn & Emory in the Gator

Mother's Day 2013

Such a big Girl!

Sweet Cousins

Firsts-playing in your pool,riding the Gator with Melynn, playing in the play house or your new picnic table, Fannie Farkles Corn dog, Penguins at the Aquarium, water hose,  Uncle Andy babysat you, Hot dogs on the Square followed by a picnic with Bay, Cooper & Shannon Cobb, Went on Granddaddy's new Pontoon Boat. Took a nap on the boat and got to drive it.

You can now say step, stop, uh oh, no, we, done, hot, grrrr daddy,
gone, yes, done  and lots and lots of jabbering

First places- Went to Pigeon Forge, TN & Gatlinburg, TN  with Mommy & Mimi for a work conference, Fannie Farkles Corn Dogs, Ripleys Aquarium,  Pancake house, Fudruckers, Christmas Village, Dunkin Donuts, shopped at Tanger outlets, Preakness party,

My Newest Project!

Love how it turned out

Repainted this for Emory

In early May we were gone for a work trip so we made the best of it and stayed a week in Nashville. It started May the 11th we headed in to spend the day with Juju & Melynn. We shopped a little bit and had a family Dinner that night. Sunday we got up and took Mimi to breakfast at Waffle house ( her choice) and shopped for most of the day. We had an impromptu photo shoot in the front pasture with all the pretty yellow flowers. Monday we got up and went to spend the day with Great Grandaddy- Played at the house then lunch at Cracker Barrell. We came home and relaxed then went to Brentwood to meet J & John Everett for Dinner. ( they came into town for a meeting) Tuesday- we met up with MiMi and headed to Pigeon Forge for my work conference. We got checked in and headed to Gatlinburg. We went straight to the Ripley's Aquarium. You loved it. You especially loved it when we let you out of the stroller to get up and close with the tanks. Wednesday- We got up and went to brunch and then Mommy had meetings for her conference. That afternoon we went shopping at the Outlet mall and got you some goodies! Thursday I had meetings all day so you and Mimi walked up the Strip to shop at some stores! She said you were so good for her. That night we finished up shopping and went to the pool for a little bit. You were a little afraid of the water but did okay after a few minutes. Friday we packed up and headed home! You slept the entire way home! Thank goodness! That night we stayed at Jujus and played with Melynn! Saturday we got up and took Granddaddy out to breakfast and picked up the cookies for Jenny's Sprinkle Shower! Saturday afternoon was the Preakness Party with the Unlands! We had mini horse races but those were a flop! You decorated and named your horse " Ball". Sunday we got up got ready for Jenny's Sprinkle shower! Baby Colette got several cute things. After the shower we hurried home to see Daddy, Grandaddy, Mama T & Poppa TD! They missed you so much!

I'll leave you with this little Gem of a picture!