Sunday, November 2, 2014

Funny Emory Quotes

  • Daddy's got it hard ( He works shift work) 
  • Juju- " She left and went to Au bu Dhabi   - Emory - Mommy you went to ghabi ghabi?
  • I'm  not Smarty pants 
  • I'm fine
  • I'm big I have muscles 
  • Did you kiss Elijah? Yes, I did
  • Emory day Roll Tide -Roll Tide  Emory say Go Vols- No I not suppose to say that. 
  • Come on Minnie Mouse 
  •  Daddy made stinky s. No- He pooped his pants
  •  Daddy Give me some Monies
  •  Can I ride that water tank? 
  • Hey shut it 
  • Whatcha we gonna watch guys
  • I see a Morgan tank ( water tank)  
  •  I not drunk 
  • Preston cant come to my house, he has to duck his head 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Photo Dump June-August

I'm way behind on blogging. So here is a little photo updating

Emory's 1st time fishing at Mr. Butch's pond

Cousin time with Belle & Poppa TD

A little time on the boat

Sassy being Sassy

Mismatch day at school

2 years at Wee Care- Same dress

Baby Oh Snap handles

Gandy's Gifts

A friend gave me the idea for  fun. 
To take Emory to Dollar Tree for Fathers day gifts
It was so entertaining

Poppa Td's gifts

Daddy's gifts

Movie Date with Kids

Shameless Promotion for Gandy's Judge Postion Reelection

Enjoying a ride on Grannie Ann's Walker

Little Miss Attitude

Colette's 1st Birthday

My Bestie from Births Wedding Day

July 4th

July 4th before the fireworks

Our Mini Captain

J's 31st Birthday

Roasting Marshmellows with Mama T

Discovery Park with Melynn

Discovery Park with Dayton

Loving the Tractors at Discovery Park

Family Voting Day

Voting day picture with gandy

Camo Cutie

Election Night
Counting the Votes

Sunday, June 1, 2014

March- May I phone Dump

Harlon's 2nd Birthday


Melynn's 5th Birthday

Snuggling with 2 of my girls

1st real snow day!

Supporting the Fillies #4 Cousin Morgan

Zoo Day with Dayt!

Picking Flowers

Mommy's 31st Birthday & 5th Wedding Anniversary

Corn on the Cob with Poppa TD

Cooper's 2nd Birtthday

Playing Golf with Uncle TO
at Carson's 4th Birthday

I hate Drive Thru's!!!!!!!!!!

Bubbles at Mama T's

Planting in the Garden & Golf Cart rides

Hamming it up at Mexican Resturant

Ranger Selfies!

Hanging with Uncle Clint! 

Sleepover with Cousin Braylon

#Moveover for Emergency Vehicles & Police

A little walking in the rain

Diva on the boat