Wednesday, February 29, 2012

3 Weeks old

Third week of life.....

3 weeks down and a Lifetime to go.

You are growing so fast and changing everyday!

Loves: Mommy & Daddy! I can walk into a room and you calm down right away. You love to snuggle! You love your Grandparents! 

Eating:  You have been doing very well with eating! You had your first bottle and sucked it down like a natural. The Ped Dr told us to start giving you one bottle a day to get you trained to take both! 

Sleeping:  You love to SLEEP! You slept a whole 6 hr stretch the other night! Mommy was so happy! 

Fun Facts:  Your such a happy baby! Love meeting new people and being the center of attention! 

Mommy Moments:  I still love to watch you sleep. Your so peaceful when you sleep!  I still love dressing you up in all your hair bows, dresses and leg warmers!

Firsts:  You had your first real bath in the bath tub. Your belly button cord fell  off. You enjoyed some of it but not the entire bath! You had your first family event.  You went to cousin Ashley Kate's Baby Shower! Ellie Kate will be here in April maybe late March! Can't wait to meet her! Had your first Picnic outside with Gandy, Daddy & Mommy!

I have been behind posting this picture!

Meeting her Future Boyfriend! 
Harlon Bray Butler!
They are 15 days apart! 

First Family Event
1st time to wear a dress!

Playing with PawPaw

1st Picnic with Daddy, Gandy & Mommy

1st Bottle! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2 weeks old

Second week of life.....

2 weeks down and a Lifetime to go.

We went for you 2 week check up on 2/21/2012. You weighed 7lb 1.5 oz. You have gained some weight back but not birth weight. You were 20 in long, you shrunk really your head was misshaped and swollen at the hospital right after delivery. You are in the 50 percentile for your age and weight! 

Loves: You still love to be talked to. You like to have tummy time with Mommy & Daddy! You are starting to love your bouncy seat and swing! Thank goodness.   

Eating:  Your eating habits have definitely gotten better! You eat for 15-45 minutes per feeding. You can sure burp like a champ! 

Sleeping:  Its hit or miss with you. Sometimes you"ll sleep for 4-5 hr stretches sometimes you stay up all night! We just take it one day at a time!

Fun Facts:  You smile all the time! We just eat it up! Your starting to like car rides. Thank goodness!  Mommy also got cleared to drive again! YAY! 

Mommy Moments:  I love to just watch you sleep! Dress you in all your little pretty clothes. Snuggling time in the mornings and naps. I sing songs to you and tell you stories.

Firsts:  You had your first bath, we had pretty much been doing sponge bathes. You kinda liked it kinda hated it! I'm sure it will get better in the end. We had our first dinner party with 12 guest including you! Daddy whipped up a yummy yummy dinner. They all loved you and couldn't wait to hold you! Even the guys wanted to hold you!  You are going to be one LOVED (spoiled) little girl

First Bath

Not too happy 

Snoozin with Mommy

We call this the LILO (Lindsay Lohan) Pose

Monday, February 20, 2012

Your First Week!

First week of life.......

You are already a week old! I can not believe it! time goes way to fast. 

Loves: you love to lay on mommy & daddy for tummy time, you like to be swaddled. it makes you feel safe and secure, your bouncy seat, to eat!!!!!!

Eating: The first few days were slow.... but that Friday the 10th, you picked it up like a champ. Still at times I had to pump to get you to eat. We fed you with a medicine dropper, but after a day or two that became an appetizer and you would latch on. Since then you have been eating around every 3-4 hours. You usually feed for 15-45 minutes. Depends on how hungry you are!

Sleeping: The first few nights you woke up several times 3-4 times. About tuesday night you fell into a routine and only wake up 1-2 times sometimes 3 so not to shabby. You have slept a couple 4-5 hour stretches! Mommy appreciates this!

Fun Facts: You had a bit of Jaundice. Your level at 12 am Friday the 10th was a 7. nothing to be worried about. Monday the 13th your level was 19.3! You doubled plus some. We had to rent a Bili light to help. You stayed under the light from Monday night to Thursday morning. On THursday your level was 11.6. Which meant you could stop using the blanket! We went to the Dr, 3 times to get your heel pricked! Mommy cringes but you never flinch a bit. Such a strong little girl 

Mommy Moments: We do a lot together since I am the #1 caregiver since I provide the food. I love to cuddle with you in the mornings and take a nap together.  We talk to each other and I tell you stories.

Firsts: Well you have had a ton of Visitors! We have really enjoyed it! You smile a lot, I don't believe its gas! We have been to the Dr 3 times. We even celebrated Mrs Jennifer's Retirement! We have made outings to JE/Gandy's office and Mommy's office at the Courthouse.

(* Thanks Sarah for always finding the cutest way to document events. Sorry I copy them) 

Leaving the Hospital

Bili Light

1st Valentines Day
( not to happy at time of picture)

Daddy's idea to take a pic with the bear skin rug at Gandy's office.

Emory's Birth Story

Your Birth Story

On February the 6th we were scheduled to be induced. We had to be at the hospital at 5 p.m.. most of the day Daddy and I relaxed watched TV and napped. Finished a few errands and headed to Paris, TN. We checked in at 5 p.m., it started with a bunch of questions about Mommy's health and about the pregnancy. I got my IV started and relaxed in bed. At about 6 p.m. they gave me the cervidil for my cervix to soften up the rest of the way. I was at a fingertip 1 cm. Tuesday morning they took out the Cervidil and was still at a 1 cm. They started the pitocin and the contractions got stronger. Ended up getting some pain meds to help with the contractions. The higher the pitocin got the slower my contractions got. I was not progressing like I should. I was still at a 1 cm. That evening the Dr came in to discuss the options. Since I was not dialating they wanted to stop the pitocin for the day and give me another medicine to put on my cervix, it was a pill cut up in quarters. About this time I was in tears and begging for a c-section to get her out. I was so frustrated and stressed out at this time. We decided to go with the Drs decision and get the pill. That night I actually got my best nights rest. I was feeling a little nauseated so they gave me some phengrin (sp) and a dose of Newbain (sp) pain meds so I was knocked out and slept like a champ. Wed morning still no change but they started the pitocin again. At about 10:30 am I had asked for some pain meds and they said I could get my epidural if I wanted it. I thought it was a little nuts to get it at a 1cm but they assured me that I wouldn't run out of the epidural. I agreed and decided to go ahead with the epidural. I was uncomfortable during the epidural but not to painful. The next thing to do was start the catheter, they checked me before and still was at a 1. They called in the Dr and before the catheter and they broke my water. Talk about a flood! It was crazy! Glad I was not in a store!!! ( that was my biggest fear to be in Wal-mart and my water to break) After they broke my water and put in my catheter, I was checked again! I was 4 cm dilated. This was about 11 am, at noon they checked me and I was at 6cm dilated. At 1pm my favorite nurse Cindi checked me and called in another nurse to check me to be sure. I was at a 10! It was go time! I started to push and for 2 1/2 hours I pushed til my precious Emory Cathleen was born at 4:42 p.m. I was so tired of pushing I pushed her out without a contraction! I just wanted to meet my little girl. 

Emory was 7lbs 7 oz and 20.5 inches long.
I never thought you could fall in love within seconds but it really does happen! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Announcing Emory Cathleen Williams......

After a long couple of days at the hospital, Ms Emory arrived on 
February 8, 2012 at 4:42 p.m. 
at 7 lbs 7 oz and 20.5 inches long
She is absolutely gorgeous and melts out heart.

We are so Excited to welcome this Bundle of Joy into our lives!

I wouldn't have it any other way!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week 39 of Pregnancy- Get induced tomorrow!

*How far along?: 39 Weeks
*Total weight gain?:  33 Pounds
*How big is baby?: as of 2/1/12 We estimate 7 lbs 5 oz ( so the ultrasound said)
*Sex: Its a GIRL- Emory 
*Maternity clothes: All Maternity or J's clothes
*Stretch marks: I have not found any yet, but they could be hiding.
*Sleep:  Good days and bad days
*Best moment this week: Getting to see Emory again in ultrasound and being told we can be induced on Monday the 6th! She should be here by Tuesday!
*Movement: Still a mover and a shaker. She can pop a rib like no other!!
*Food cravings: Coke, Pasta, salads & steak
*Labor signs: ( still) Back Labor pain, Contractions, 1 Cm dilated, 80% effaced, Cramping
*Belly button in or out: Stretched to the max! It pops out when I sneeze,cough or laugh
*What I miss:  My Clothes, wear my wedding rings ( I feel so naked ), Wear normal shoes and not flip flops, be more independent
 *What I'm looking forward to: Getting to meet our precious baby girl! We go in Monday Feb 6th at 5 pm to be induced. She should be here by Tuesday sometime! I am so excited to meet her! I can't wait for our family to come into town to meet the newest family member!