Saturday, July 21, 2012

Gulf Shores/ Orange Beach, AL

We took a Mini Vacation with J's Family to Orange Beach, AL! We had a Blast.
 Emory is a little beach baby

Chilling in her tent

Eating at Lambert's

Sitting up
Roll tide roll

Me & Morgan

My favorite and its foggy. :(

Shopping at LULU's

Big girl on the beach

Family photo

My pretty girl

Milestones Lately

Emory is growing so fast before our eyes.

Poppa TD's 60th Birthday

1st taste of cereal

1st time in Jumperoo

Father's Day

Rolling Over

Date night with Dayton Miller

Sitting up assisted

4th of July

4th of July

Family Photo

1st Sparkler


Sitting up at The Beach!

Monday, July 9, 2012

5 Months

5 months down a Lifetime to go........

This month has gone by soooooo fast. Your growing way to quick! You are so alert now. You watch everything we do. While we eat you give us such sad face, I cant wait til you get to try solids next month!!!! 

Sleeping has been interesting lately. You usually go down between 6:30-7:30 pm. You will usually sleep
till around midnight to even til 3-4am. Then usuallly give your paci back and your back asleep. Every once in a while you need a bottle to help you back asleep. I wish I could keep you up later but you just fall right asleep!

You usually take 5 ounces but lately you have been only drinking 4 ounces.
You love your cereal though. I can't wait til you get to try other foods

Length- 25 inches

Weight- as of 6/15/12 
14lbs 8.5 oz

Diaper size- Size One moving full speed into size 2's

Clothes Size 0-3, 3, and 3-6 months

Hair Color
Its lighting up a little to my color brown. You have a reverse "Friar Tuck Hair do" there is a nice baldspot line in the back and the top sides are thining out! You have a little patch of hair in the middle!

Eye Color-
Dark Brown

Favorite Toy
Hippo lovie, Pink Minky Lovie, Sophie the Giraffe.

Firsts (things)
Rode in Daddy's new car
Tried Cereal 
Used high chair
Sinis Congestion cold
Used Humidifier
Jumped in my jumperoo
Found my Feet
1st Sleepover at Mama T & Poppa TD's
4 month shots
1st Fathers Day
Held my bottle for a lengthy period of time by myself
Aunt T ( Aunt Tina ) finally held me.
1st Jackson Generals game
1st full week at Day Care! ( Finally)
( you missed 2 days for sickness and one day for shots, we finally went 5 days in a row)
Rolled over from tummy to back!
( I missed it, My MIL had her..... :(  but I did get to see it the next day!)
1st Fire Drill at Daycare!
Celebrated 4th of July
1st Sparkler
Rolled over from back to tummy
Celebrated Daddy's 29th Birthday
First Trips
Pringles Park, Raferty's resturant, Mrs Jennifer Butler's,
Aunt Julia & Uncle Ronnies 

* 4 months sat in exersaucer at Daycare