Sunday, July 28, 2013

17 Months

17 months down and a Lifetime to go......

nom nom Cheese!

Sleeping- We are getting into a little better rhythm but
 still waking up once a night 

Feeding - You are starting to get an appetite. You love fresh vegetables and fruit


Weight- 21.15- 23

Height- 30 inches?

Being Silly

Swinging with Grandaddy

Clothes size- 12m, 12-18 & 18 

Diaper size- sz 3

Toys- Balls, Ranger, Minnie Mouse, Disney riding horse,
Leap frog magnetic toys

1st Popsicle

Father's Day

July 3rd

1st Donut

Says- Fall down, Nik Nik( Aunt Nikki) Hey Donald, 
Says Hello on the phone, & No 

July 4th Sparklers

Evelyn Colette Boles
June 27, 2013
12:16 p.m.
6 lbs 10 oz
19.5 in

Rocking my Big Cousin T

Aunt D & Colette


More exciting events- MAC's 1st Birthday, Cousin Hailey's pool party, Wagon ride/walk with Dayton,
Played ring around the rosie,  Night out on the boat with Big Paul, Sleepover and Grandaddy's River House, First popsicle from Eli Young, Watched Noodling ( catching a catfish with your hand), Dt coke, lemonaide, pork rind, Celebrated Father's Day, Had an upper Resp Infection, Daddy had surgery, Bray's ball game, Sno cone, Popcicle ( pop-ice), New Cousin Evelyn Colette Boles,  Donut, Got to swim in the new lake, Daddy got a new truck, Used a DVD player in the truck, Fireworks, Bayley's Birthday, Celebrated Daddy's 30th Birthday!