Thursday, January 16, 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas time is always a whirlwind

Burning up I 40, I 24 & Hwy 22 

This year we started with Christmas at Wee Care then
with the Alabama Family
Throw in  Great Grandparents, Grandparents,
Uncles, Aunts &Cousins
Busy Day with 3 under 4!
Always an adventure!

Wee Care

On Our Way to Alabama

Uncle Jimmy, Colette & Emory

with pawpaw

Aunt Rita, Memaw & Colette

Walking in the rain

Leaving Nanna's

Christmas with Mimi

& Great Grandaddy

Playing on the stairs. Gigi would have a heart attack. 

Learning letter with Great Grandaddy

Christmas Eve at the Riches
Hanging with Preston & Brooke
( emory & preston have a love hate relationship)

Sorry Morgan....

opening her computer

hanging with Daddy

Mama T & Poppa TD

Christmas Morning with the Williams'

The Whole Williams' Clan

Rolling the ball with Great Great Aunt Tootsie

Opening Presents at Mama T & Poppa TD's

Our Only Family Photo

23 months

23 months down ..... A lifetime to go

Wee Care Christmas Party

 Sleeping-Still horrible! I hope this changes by the time you turn two next month!

Feeding- Your my little piggy! Always snacking not so much sitting down and eating. 
You love noodles, fries, squeeze packs, cheese & goldfish

Weight 25-26 pounds

Length 31-32 inches

Diaper size- sz 3 during the day 4 at night

Picture of Pictures with Santa

Clothes size- 12-18m, 18 m & 24 month
We are having trouble with jeans- your waist is the size of a 12m but need 18 month for length
Some brands are to big! We are sticking with Childrens Place to stay up

Toys- Balls, New Kitchen, all your play food, Doc McStuffins Dr kit, Klip Klop Castle,
puzzles and new movies

New Words- Super Cheers, Mouseketools, Goofy, Pete, ( Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Obssesed )
Naming several animals on your animal sound app
That's nasty, me not like it, Shewwee ( stinky)
Goldfish, Braylon

Our Sweet Angel in the
Bethel Baptist Christmas Program

Rocking it to Jungle Bells


1st things- Christmas Program at Bethel Baptist! You rocked it as a little Angel 
and danced and shook your bell toe Jingle bells while eating a banana! Multitasking! 
1st Christmas Party at Wee Care
Celebrated Amy Young's Birthday
Celebrated Uncle Pokey's Birthday

1st places- Mark, Amy & Eli Youngs River House,
 Candace & Corey Todds for NYE

Here Momma have and apple and a banana

Mama T, Braylon & Emory

with Our favorite Cousin Morgan

Celebrated Christmas with 
1 Nanna, Pawpaw, Memaw, 
Cissy, Dava Uncle Jimmy, Uncle Jeff & Aunt Rita
2. Juju, Melynn & Colette
3. Grandaddy & Mimi
4. The Rich's
5. Christmas Morning w Santa, Mommy, Daddy & Dandaddy
6. The Williams'
7. Mama T & Poppa TD

Silly Face

Loving her hair right now. If only its always this straight!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

22 months

22 months down ...A lifetime to go

Sleeping- Your sleeping has by far been the worst it has been. We have tried everything but you will not sleep more than 2-3 hours straight and not in your bed all night.

Feeding- You eat anything and everything! You love applesauce and fruit!
French fries are your favorite too.

Weight- around 25 pounds

Length- 31-31 inches

Dandaddy's actual B-day Day Lunch 

Diaper Size- size 3 during the day and 4's at night

Clothes- 12-18 months, 18m, & 24 months

 Toys- Balls, blocks, princess castle, barbie 4 wheeler

Blurry Pic from John Everett's 60th Birthday

New Words- You say some of the craziest things some times. My favorite right now is
 when you say Poppa, & Dandaddy. You have such a little southern accent.
Naming the animals and the sounds the nativity scene animals made

1st places- Beyond the Ivy & Pure Style Boutique
Aunt Cayce & Mr Ben's Law office

Such a big girl- Soaking up Mickey Mouse

Cutie patootie

Hanging With Great Great Aunt Tootsie

1st things-Christmas on Main Street, Live Nativity in town
Nattie cakes

Celebrated John Everett's 60th Birthday
Baby Beckett Michael McCaslin was born!
We had Thanksgiving with the Wiliams' then rushed off to Lebanon
to have Thanksgiving with Juju, and the rest of the family!
Christmas Pictures