Monday, February 17, 2014

24 months

24 Months Down.... A lifetime to go

Last night as a 1 year old

Sleeping- getting a little better but not much
you slept from 10-4:30. That is the longest stretch in a while

Feeding- Bottomless pit! You eat everything then tell us you didn't like it! Silly girl

Weight- 25.5 pounds

Length 33.5


Diaper Size- sz 3 during the day and 4's at night

Clothes Size- 12m-18m, 18m & 24m

Toys- Kitchen, Cutting your Melissa & Doug Fruit, Minnie Mouse Tea party set,
balls, singing Karaoke in the shop

Hailey Johnson's 2nd Birthday Party!

New words- I see TUTU too!, I love you more! 

1st places
Rainforest Cafe

Shopping in Old Navy- trying to figure out the mannequins 

Rainforest Cafe

Checking everything out with Mama T

1st Things-
Celebrated Hailey Johnson's 2nd Birthday ( Bubble Guppies)
Changed bed into a Toddler bed
Met Beckett McCaslin for the 1st time

New Minnie Umbrella

Painting at Wee Care