Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!!!!!

Christmas is one of my most favorite seasons of the year. I love love love to decorate!!!! I try to sneak decorations out the week of Thanksgiving.
 Our Front Door
 Outdoor Decorations, my first time to decorate outside.
 The Dining room
 J's Hunting Tree
 The Big Christmas Tree
 Stockings were hung by the Chimney with care. I made the swag laying accross the mantle. The ornaments are from J's Grandparents.
 I Love My Williams Santa Banner
 My Wreath I Made
 Christmas Card Picture
 Posin with the Tree
 Melynn's Tree & all her goodies!
 Me & Morgan on Christmas Eve at the Rich's

Me & Morgan on Christmas Eve with Grannie Ann's Fabulous Christmas Trees!
 Me & J at the Rich's
 Christmas Morning at Aunt Donna's & Uncle Bob's. Me, Amelia & Caroline

Christmas is also time for family & lots of Traveling!!!!!
Our Christmas Festivities started off with Christmas with:
  1.  Dad & Kathy on the 22nd.
  2. The Rich's on Christmas Eve
  3. Stockings with Me & J on Christmas Morning
  4. Breakfast with The Williams' Clan on  the 25th
  5. Appetizers & Cornhole with Deb & Family on  the 25th
  6. Christmas Dinner with The Manning's & Boles' on the 25th
  7. Christmas with Melynn, Jen & Andy on the 25th
  8. Christmas Brunch with Mom & Bo on the 26th
  9. Dinner with The Davis' (Teresa, TD, Brent & Tina)
Still on the Schedule:
  • January 8th- Christmas with Nanna, Cissy & Dava
  • January 9th- Christmas with Grandaddy & GiGi
This is our yearly routine that slightly changes each year but all these stops must be made!!!

Thanksgiving= Traveling

We give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.  ~Author Unknown

Thanksgiving is a time of counting your blessings, spending time with your family, football and in my case traveling to see the cutest red head I know!!! J & I spent Thanksgiving with The Williams'. There are not many left so we spend as much time together as possible. Aunt Donna cooks a delicious meal. This year J had to work that night on Thanksgiving Day so after lunch I headed to Mt Juliet to The Boles'. Jen & Andy worked that Friday so I braved the mass swarms of shoppers with Melynn on Black Friday! We had a blast shoppin and scored some excellent deals! That night Jen & I painted pottery! So Much Fun!!!  Saturday the Edward's Ladies went to see The Rockette's! It was awesome. I would reccomend to go at least once in your life!!!

More Fall Fun.....

In October Jen, Melynn & Andy came to West TN to go to the Pumpkin Patch. This year we went to Holt Farms in Dresden, TN. We had a blast and Melynn loved it! Here are a few pictures from the day.

 Melynn & Aunt D
 I want a pig!
 Jen & Melynn
Jen, Melynn & I also made a trip down to Nanna's to spend the day in Alabama
 Four Generations
Nanna, Cissy, Jen, Me, Dava & Melynn
I Love Uncle Jimmy!!!
After this jump I pretty much thought I was gonna pass out!!!!

Halloween & Fall Decor

I Love to Decorate for the Holidays! Since J. & I got our house I have to or attempt to decorate for every season!!!
This years Hot Decor for Fall was Monogrammed or Blinged out Pumpkins!! Here is our "W".
                         I also made a Candy Corn Wreath. The Bee's loved our house for a few days!!!!
With the extra candy corn I filled our monogrammed vase on the mantle.

We also had The 3rd Annual Halloween Party!!! We LOVE to throw parties and this is one of my favorites! If I haven't told you yet I am a fanatic over cupcakes! I searched the Internet for a cupcake costume. Watched it for months be out of stock on websites and finally in the end decided to make my own. I looked at ideas on the web and fell in love with this one! I also made a hair clip.
It was pretty easy to make- I hijacked J's square laundry and cut out the bottom for my legs.
For the cupcake wrapper I used cardboard folded like a fan and spray painted with pink spray paint. To secure to the basket I used floral wire and secured on the inside through the holes of the basket. For the icing I used quilting batting. I secured the batting to the basket with hot glue and just layered on the top. To make the icing fluffy I secured air packs( the kind you get in fragile shipping boxes) with safety pins and glued on pom poms to look like sprinkles. The suspenders to hold up the basket is just craft ribbon with wired secured t the basket!
I also attempted my first cake pops! I love reading Bakerella's blog! Not the most attractive but Very Yummy!!!

Here are a few pictures from the Halloween party