Monday, August 27, 2012

7 Months

7 months down. A Lifetime to go.....

This month you started off a little sickly but it has begun to clear up... slowly.
You have a runny nose most days! You have been sitting up for almost 2 months!
Now you can get in the sitting position when you fall over or into the
 crawl position. You have taken altogether 6 knee steps to move
 forward but you mostly just scoot backwards! You wind up in some
crazy positions! We also did your 6 Month photos! They turned out Fabulous!!!

*** You are now CRAWLING!!!!! ( 08/30/2012)*****

Sleeping:: You go to bed between 6-7:30 and have been sleeping
til about 2-4 am and waking up but not really waking up
 more a night terror just scream in your sleep. It startles us
ever time! Usually all we have to do is snuggle with you for
 a few minutes or pat your back. You will usually sleep til 7 am or so.

Feedings: You are starting to like the sippy cup. You have been doing
so good with cereal and solids! We even started with some puffs
but only one at a time! Just to be cautious.

Length: Still at 27 inches

Weight: at 6 mo Check up 16 lbs 13.5 oz, so probably over 17lbs now!

Diapers: Size 2 but just moved into size 3

Clothes size: 0-6, 3-6, & 6 months

Hait color: Its lightening up some to more of my dark brown color

Eyes: Still a Beautful brown with specks of Green

Favorite Toy: Sophie the Giraffe,O Ball, Weebles little shackers, Little People Zoo
 Alphabet Animals, Crinkle Cupcake

First things: You have tried Gerber puffs,: new foods-
 turkey and gravy, apples and cherries, garden vegetables,
sweet potato and corn, carrots, sweet potato's & turkey,
Chicken noodle, orange cream yogurt melt,
apples & strawberries, banana & pumpkin, Fresh kiwi, w/out seeds, banana
Met Cousin Jaypeth, Went to future Cousin Baby
Nella's baby shower, Miss Linsey Todd's Bridal
 Shower, Spa Party,Cousin Morgan Cagle's 14 Birthday
Party aka a High School Party, A Bachelorette Party!
Spent the night at Juju, Melynn & Uncle Andy's house.
You also tried a little Gigi's cupcake ( only the cake part),
Started Crawling!
Went and got your 6 month handprint and footprints on tiles,
1st non Family Babysitter- Kelley Jackson
Met Chancellor Harmon, & Mrs Debbie Elam
had to lower your baby bed! Found you standing in your bed!
Painted your Toes!

First Places: Huntingdon High School Football Game, Opry Mills,
Went to my First Rehearsal Dinner & Wedding! Honorary Flower Girl in
Auntie Cayce & Uncle Bradens Wedding!

We are Ready For Some Football!!!

Roll Tide Roll

Lets Go Big Blue!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

1/2 Birthday!!! Happy 6 Months Baby Squirrel!

Happy 1/2 Birthday Baby Girl!!!

Her Half Birthday Cake!

6 Months down A Lifetime to go.....

These last 6 months have gone by sooooo fast! We are almost to your first birthday! I have never loved someone so much! You are Our World! Your personality is coming out now! You are such a happy, fun loving baby! Never meet a stranger! You may give the serious face but then you light up when people talk to you! You love when everyone gets on your level and plays with you! You are a drooling fool! Cant wait to see your new teeth coming in! Your grandparents, Aunts, Uncles & Great Grandparents just adore you! I cant wait to share more exciting events with you!!!

Sleeping- It gets better everyday but yet you regress some too! Last Friday night I got up every hour on the hour bc you were fussy. Last week  two mornings you got up at 5:45 am then then last wednesday woke up at 3:30 am took a bottle an snoozed til 7. Hopefully a full routine will come into effect

Feedings- You still eat 5 ozs every 2-4 hours. You have now tried apples, squash, sweet potatos, green beans, pears & bananas. You have given some crazy looks but pears and sweet potatos seem to be your favorites. We have started mixing fruits in with your cereal and you love it! 

Length- still at 25 inches

Weight- at 16 lbs

Diaper size- size 2

Clothes Size- 3m, 3-6m, & moving into 6 m

Hair Color- Medium brown

Eye Color-Dark Brown

Favorite Toy- Jumperoo, Sophie the Giraffe, and anything you can stick in your mouth to chew on.

Firsts-Met some Awesome Zeta Ladies,Triple rolled across the floor,Play date with Dayton Miller, 2 Teeth popped through, Bottom 2, Dr check up for cold, weighed in at 16lbs 3.4 oz, 1st Amoxicillin, Learned how to razz berry aka kinda spit, 1 st time in restaurant high chair, 1st Softball Tournament, 1st long car ride, Now Sitting up, 1st Beach trip, First Family trip, 1st sink bath, Ate sand and face planted in the sand, Ocean,  First time Standing alone,1st accident at Day care, ( she bumped her head on the crib rail and a red spot showed up), Has tried Applesauce, squash, sweet potatoes, and green beans, pears and bananas! Mimi's Surprise 60Th Birthday party, Met a ton of Mississippi family, Now Scooting Backwards, Sat in a walker and walked across the living room, sat in your activity chair (similar to exersaucer), Sat in a shopping cart with cart cover! Went to cousin Braylon's 5th Birthday Party, Played harmonica with Poppa TD, New Friends Elijah Bonds & Madeline Anderson, tried icing- oops!

First Trips-Gulf Shores, Al, Lamberts, Ribs & Reds, Tequilas( Mexican restaurant),
Went to Lulu's, Tanger Outlet, Mr Burt & Mrs Mary Castleman's,


First bath inside big tub

Trying Applesauce

Toes in the water.....

First time sitting up

Rich Family Vacation

First 2 Teeth

First time standing! Stretching her legs after the long ride home from the beach!