Thursday, February 14, 2013

12 months down .... A lifetime to go

This year has gone by way to quick. It seems like just yesterday we were going to the hospital, waiting those long 2 days for you and hearing your first cry. You were the sweetest baby, hardly cried or whimpered, always happy and smiling. Boy has that changed!

Sleeping- This varies day to day!
 Some nights you only wake up once sometimes twice.
You take two naps a day. You usually go to sleep between 7-8 pm

Feeding- We started you out at the end of January with 2 oz
of whole milk and 6 of formula. Now we are trying half and
half 4 oz of formula 4 of whole milk. By the end of the week we will be on full whole milk.
 Trying to finish off last can of formula.

Weight around 20-21 pounds
as of 1/21/13 you were at 20 lbs 10 oz
AS OF 2/13/2013- 21LBS

Length- 29 inches.- 2/13/13
You have not grown in many months!

Diaper size- Still Size 3

Clothes size- 9 months, 12 months &
12-18 just because they are cute!

Hair Color- Light Brown

Eye Color- Brown

Toys- balloons, Birtie baby, Leap Frog Fridge ABC magnets
Disney Little People Princess castle, Melissa & Doug Butterfly Tunnel,
red wagon, Little Tykes Activity climber with slide

Bethlehem Methodist Church for Gigi's Funeral,
 Met several Family members you have never met before,
Went to an Upward B ball game,
Double Ear Infections,
Had a Lunchable, first cutie orange,
Played outside with your wagon, Had 1st Birthday Pictures taken,
Smash Cake ( would not any of it),
Started walking more into full blown walker!
Transitioning to Whole milk,
Tried Prune Juice due to very upset Tummy
Got 4 New pairs of Shoes this month!
( Ash color Toms, 3 pairs of squeaky, black & white Polka Dots,
 Brown with green and pink polka dots, brown glitter Mary Jane's)
Car seat facing forwards

First Places
Bethlehem Methodist Church, Bethlehem MS
Little Monkeys