Wednesday, November 14, 2012

9 months

9 Months down  a Lifetime to go ....

Sleeping- Your habit always varies. Some nights you sleep through the night, some
nights your up one/two times per night. We just accept it and go with the flow.
Feedings- You pretty much eat anything and everything. We stick with baby
 food mostly but let you try adult food to. You are also using your sippy cup like a champ lately.
 Although you  have hardly been eating at home. 
Weight  Drs appt on 10/23/2012
20 lbs 3 oz
( you had a full diaper and fully clothed, so a little less) 
Length 28? inches ( not sure, had to reschedule 9m check up)
Diaper size- 3
Clothing size- 0-6, 6, 9 & 6-12m
Hair color- Brown
Eyes- Brown w/ green specs
Toys- Walker toy, Leap frog table, balloons, balls
Daddy's Polaris Ranger, plastic bowls 
First Things:
Tried Juice, Belle Blakenships 2nd Birthday Party,
Clif & Kristen Dillahunty's Wedding,
1st 3rd Saturday Showdown! Alabama vs Tennesse, Roll Tde Roll
 Several Play dates with Dayton , Went to Vote With Granddaddy & Mommy,
Rocked My Weepublican dress, Have 5 teeth Coming in ALL AT ONCE!,
 Fall pictures in the leaves, Cousin Hope's Baby Shower, Halloween,
Baby Sat Dayton, Pictures with Santa, Celebrated Brittany Todd's Birthday

First Places: Bruceton school, Voting Office,
Professional Pics by Robin

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

We Celebrated Halloween Several times! We have rocked Halloween shirts & PJ's all month! 
We have had a great month will all kinds of Fall Festivities! Emory loved her Halloween costume and all her friends costumes!

Pumpkin Butt!

Spider PJ's

Pics in the fall leaves

We rocked our Weepublican Dress & went to go Vote!

Our Boo- tiful shirt

Our Halloween Bucket

her full bucket

My 1st Halloween Shirt

Ready to Trick or Treat

Emory with her Friend Harlon

So Sweet

She loved pulling his ears

Emory & Dayton

Mommy & Em

Mama T & Em

Poppa TD, Emory & Mama T