Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Photo catch up

1st time going swimming

Happy 4 Months Baby Girl

Her poor pink eye!

Fathers Day

Love this.....Sad face

Jumperoo time

Celebrating Poppa TD's Birthday

Grandaddy, Daddy & Emory

Friday, June 8, 2012

4 Months Old

4 Months down a lifetime to go....

This has been a trying month. Emory is growing and learning new things everyday. We have experienced a daily case of "The Evenings" aka crying between 5-7 pm and only being consoled by a bottle or being outside on the deck.
We had a 2 day fever of a 100.4 with a Dr visit just to say its teething. Also this month the Tuesday after Memorial Day, Emory started Day Care at Wee Care. Its across the street from my work and 2 doors down from my father in laws office. Our first day should go in the record books. I cried at least 6 times, walked over to check on her ( she was sound asleep in her bed :) ) I survived the morning into the afternoon and at 3:00 got the dreaded call. I thought oh Emmy is fussy and they cant console her.......Nope..... She woke up from her nap and had her eye matted shut. It clicked. Emory had pink eye. A family member had had it over the holiday weekend but we thought she was safe! WRONG!! So we rushed to the Dr and got her some eye drops! She had to stay home wed and got to go back Thursday. It was definitely a week to remember!
* This very morning Emmy woke up with a cough and runny nose and a lot of drainage. The drainage is so bad it made her sick 4 different times this morning. So I called Mama T asap and she agreed to keep her today! 2 weeks of daycare and have not made it a full week yet. Arg.

Sleeping- ( This month has turned out 3 different sleep schedules) She goes to bed around 8ish sleeps til 4-6 am. Lately day care has rocked her world and she can fall asleep at 5 and sleep till midnight, console/snuggle/give paci back and out for another few hours. She has been waking up between 5-6 since we started day care.  Monday I started keeping her super busy when we get home from school let her sleep about 30 minutes and wake her up. We will  then play some more and work on rolling over and by 7:30ish she's ready for a bottle and out for the night and his been waking up between 6-6:30  am. We are TRYING to keep Routine #3!

Feeding- eats 5oz sometimes you need an extra 2 ounces. She has been pretty consistent with her feedings as for the amount she drinks. As for time in between bottles can range from 1:45- 4 hour spans. She is so random! 

Length-24 inches- I just measured her today!

Weight- as of May 21- 13lbs 10.5 oz
 as of May 29- 14lbs

Diaper Size- Size One

Clothes Size-3m, 3-6m & 0-6m

Hair Color-Brownish/black

Eye Color-brown/hazel

Favorite Toy- hippo lovie, play mat gym, wubabnubs

Firsts- (things)
First Fish Fry with the Williams
Went to Yard sale's with Mimi, Juju & Mel
Met Lulu- Uncle Andy's Mom
Amelia's Birthday Dinner & Lunch
Went to the Boles New House
Mother's Day Lunch Gigi & Gdaddy
Celebrate 1st Mothers Day with Mommy!
Stay in a Hotel
Party City, Downtown Franklin, The Factory,
 Third Coast Clay Pottery Studio- Made your hand print and foot print on a tile,
Auntie Cayce's Graduation Party from Law School!
 First Fever (100.4), First Sick Dr Visit, First Nasal swab ( yuk)
Cousin Carolines16th Birthday Party
Model Boutique Clothing
First time in a Pool
First Swim suit
Started Daycare- Mommy Cried
First Pink Eye experience
first actual medicine prescription
Your First paid Babysitter/ Cousin Amelia
Celebrated Poppa TD's 60Th Birthday
First painted hand print in a card!
First head cold

First Trips
Aunt Donna & Uncle Bob's
The Boles' new house
Travel to Franklin, TN
Clerks Conference in Franklin, TN ( Mommy's Work)
Mellow Mushroom- Dinner w/ The Youngs, PF Changs- Lunch with Daddy & Mama T,
 Sweet Cece's- w/ The Youngs, Ghengis Grill with Mama T and Mommy,
The Factory, Third Coast Clay, Dinner w/ McCaslins at Sakura.

* Red Lobster ( forgot for 3 months post)