Sunday, November 10, 2013

21 Months

21 Months Down....... A lifetime to go.

Sleeping- so so Not the best.

Feeding- You are getting better everyday. Your new favorite is teddy grahams,
and veggie chips or the apple sticks

Weight 22 pounds ( lost weight)

Length- 31 inches

Diaper size- 3 during the day and 4 at night

Supporting GIGI at The Alzheimer's Walk

Birtie's Babies Team

Hanging with Poppa

Zeta Tau Alpha Ground Breaking Ceremony

Wore out from Homecoming and Shopping

Clothes- 12 months and 18 months

Toys- Princess Castle and your princesses, Fishing puzzle with fishing pole, puzzles
Picking up acorns every afternoon

New words: Pumpkin, Okay, Sweetie, Come on Daddy, Clint, Brittany, Cat, Truck,
Cissy, Nanna, Memaw, Pawpaw, Roll tide, Touchdown, Monies, Jennifer

1st Places- Vanderbilt, Alzheimer's Walk, Davis Chapel Church 

1st Things- Referral to Vandy, Murilax for your Tummy,
Talking on the phone, said your name for the first time, UTM Homecoming,
 Sorority House Ground breaking
Clarksburg Fall Festival, Huntingdon Primary School Fall Festival,
Wee care Halloween party, Trick or teating @Davis Chapel

Halloween at Wee Care

Halloween Night

Sunday, November 3, 2013

20 Months

  20 months down.... A lifetime 

  Had Poppa Bo's Memorial service at Mimi's church
 Sleeping- is not the best but you get the amount you need. Still waking up in the middle of the night

  Feeding- Your appetite is picking up - you rather have what we are having instead of a Gerber toddlers        meal.

  Weight- 23 pounds 14 ounces

   Length- around 31 inches

   Diaper- sz 3 during the day & sz 4 at night

   Clothes  12-18 M, 18M & some 24M fits

  You have a new love for coloring. You always ask " I Color?", You had one of your                                      biggest Goose Eggs,- You fell out of the chair at Subway, You LOVE Money's! aka coins                            for your piggy bank

   Says- Poppa, Mimi, Melynn, Colette, Andy, Goat, Deer, "I toots", touchdown, boom , no                            way, Come on Daddy? Where Daddy Dough? (go), Butch ( neighbor) Where the cat dough?, Clint &          Brittany ( Neighbors) Buford ( neighbors dog) 

   1st Things- Swallowed a Dime, Got hand, foot & mouth, Out of school for a week, 
   1st sucker, Lemonade, Subway sandwich

   1st Places- Walgreen's walk in clinic

    Big Events & Trips Lately- Green Acres Pumpkin Patch, Huntingdon Heritage festival, Glow Run 5K,           Huntingdon Homecoming Parade, Huntingdon vs Gleason Football game, 
    UTM Sorority Groundbreaking at UTM, Homecoming at UTM,- ( Quad City), Reelfoot Arts &                   Crafts Festival in Reelfoot, Rich Family Reunion

Chowing down on dinner
( your utensil use is getting much better)

Coloring with Grandaddy JE

Pig tails are a work in progress

So happy in the mornings

The effects of Hand, foot and mouth

Her poor legs

Cheerleader in training!